O.D. Cleaning Solutions

O.D. Cleaning Solutions


Thread Cleaning Brushes

Deeper and multi-head wells means more connections must be cleaned. CBT has developed a line of premium thread-end brushes designed for maximum cleaning performance and long life.


  • Thorough Cleaning – Removes dope quickly and efficiently while thoroughly cleaning to the root, even in an 8 pitch thread. Appropriate for removal of moly disulfide coating.
  • Faster and More Consistent – Brush remains "in the groove", providing ease-of-use and more consistency.
  • Brighter Finish – Easier to inspect, the superior finish reduces the time and costs associated with thread inspection.
  • Longer Brush Life – The corrosion resistant fill material reduces long wire breakage and greatly extends the life of the brush.

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O.D. Cleaning Brushes

Traditionally, the cost of processing the O.D. of pipe and tubes has been high due to inconsistent cleaning rates and limited brush life. The unique construction of CBT's Premium O.D. brush reduces processing time, resulting in increased throughput and lower cleaning costs.


  • Exceptional Brush Life – The corrosion resistant fill material reduces long wire breakage, even in wet applications, and greatly extends the life of the brush.
  • Maintains High Cleaning Rate – Superior construction provides an aggressive and consistent cleaning action. No need to reduce feed rate to compensate for brush wear.
  • Enhanced Productivity – Uniform wear reduces brush changeovers and increases equipment "up time".

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General Purpose Brushes

Clean Bore Technologies also offers a line of quality cleaning brushes for general purpose use.

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